Whispering Knights Collective gearing up for Oxfordshire Art Weeks

From Saturday May 21st until Monday May 30th 2016,  the woodland project we’ve been working on since November 2014 will be open to the public for Oxfordshire Artweeks.


The Whispering Knights Collective is busily readying Neolithic Echoes for those who wish to enjoy these ephemeral structures and wildlife habitats.


There are some ten acres of woodland to enhance and encourage wildlife and plant diversity, all busy with the activities of birds, mammals and beneficial insects.


You can find us here – come and see what we’ve been doing!



We also have a selection of video clips from the woods, showing the changing seasons.

5 thoughts on “Whispering Knights Collective gearing up for Oxfordshire Art Weeks

  1. Dear Entwife,
    today i was visiting the Rollright stones as i have done for many years,i was spellbound by your extraordinary sculptures in the woods.Somehow your creative work has woken this ancient landscape from a long sleep.The whispering nights are no longer turned to stone but speak of a time when the land was understood by all.You have made a space for this monument to breath, one can actually detect the rest of the mound with ease.Thank you for your sensitivity to all creatures and for those who have allowed this land to be open for all.

    1. Thank you, Liz, for such a thoughtful comment. I’m so pleased that the structures in the woods spoke to you and that you ‘got’ it – what you felt is just what we want to communicate. Looking at your own beautiful work, it seems clear that you would understand. I love your creations and would like to see more of them.

  2. @Liz
    The ebb and flow of things is very noticeable by the Knights. The making of the structures has many aspects and even though they only look their best for a short time, there is more, and sometimes the dragons stir! Hope you found and walked the meditation spiral… it’s one of my favourites.

  3. Dear Entwife,
    My most surprising find this year during Artweeks was the Whispering Knights Collective installation at Brighthill Farm in Little Rollright.

    I entered this amazing site not really knowing what I would find apart from the fact that it was a beautiful sunny day in a glorious part of the Cotswolds.

    Walked through a willow arch into a space that first bewildered me. Along a wide path were a great number of structures, mounds, swirls, huts, stacked boulders that seemed to belong to another age, another time. A Neolithic time not of stone but of ash, pine, oak, and larch. A deep sense of being in an ancient land overcame me and I felt that I was walking through a long lost village, I imagined people living there protected by its towering trees, dying there, being buried there in sacred mounds. It was overwhelming. A great experience. I was so grateful to the people who created this beautiful and unique universe.


    1. I’m so pleased you enjoyed it, Eleonore, and that you saw it all in the light it was meant to be seen in.

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