We now have two tame robins

We have an interesting development in Robin Land – we’ve realised that we are on the boundary of two territories and that there is a robin visiting from each of them. We have what we call the courtyard robin and the garden robin and, whilst the border is fluid and both robins intrude on to the other’s territory, the house appears to be a definite dividing line.

courtyard layoutRed line showing the territory boundary

The courtyard robin generally stays down by the woodshed and comes no further than half way along the raised beds in the courtyard. The garden robin flies over the wall and doesn’t cross the line often, but he has been seen interloping and occasionally goes into the garage. They are both males and are so alike that it’s hard to tell which bird you’re looking at, but there are definitely two because we’ve seen them chasing one another.

courtyard-robin-woodshedThe courtyard robin

miranda-robinThe garden robin

What is interesting about the garden robin is that he took mealworms offered from a hand almost immediately, having watched from a short distance as the courtyard robin was being hand-fed. What passed through his mind, I wonder? Did he experience a bird-epiphany as he saw the courtyard robin being fed fat, protein rich mealworms in the middle of winter when such food is hard to find? Unless someone else is offering him mealworms this way and he’s already used to it, he must have felt some type of inspiration because as soon as the open hand of worms was held out, he immediately came and ate them.

garden-robin-two-wormsThe garden robin on ‘his’ table. The courtyard robin tends not to land on it.

The garden robin is bolder than the courtyard robin and will spend longer on an open hand and Karl said that when he opened the door the other day, the robin was standing on the door step and didn’t fly off. I’m wondering what might happen when the weather warms and we start to have doors and windows open. I will not be at all surprised if the garden robin comes indoors.



4 thoughts on “We now have two tame robins

  1. Learning to live peacefully respecting the ‘other’. Great stuff. Have just seen the wood at the Rollright Stones. Photos are awesome. Felt inspired, very moving. More please!

  2. I am quite envious of your new friends, I am sure it won’t be too long before they are tapping at the door!

    1. I agree, Fossil, and will note the date of the first occasion that garden robin comes inside!

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