Turkish cooking pot

I found this pot in a second-hand shop in town and, seeing a price tag of £12, couldn’t resist it. After quite a bit of trawling about on the net, I think it may be early 20th century Turkish. The indentations are said to make it easier to pick up from the fire, when a cloth is wrapped around it.

The tinning on the inside looked rather worn and scratched, so I’ve sent it away to be re-tinned, but just on the inside. I rather like the look of the outside. Apparently, the lid can be turned upside down and used as a serving dish, which is a pleasing design.

Once the re-tinning has been done and I have it back, I’ll post new pictures and will then head off into the woods to try it out.

6 thoughts on “Turkish cooking pot

  1. This is one beautiful pot! I hope you will share what you cook in it and how it comes out!

  2. Thank you, Laura!

    I’d posted it here initially to show to others on a forum and ask for advice about its use. It’s been sent off to have the inside re-tinned and the outside polished up a bit, after which I shall use it as a camp stove pot in the woods and elsewhere. I’m not certain, but think it is early 20th century Turkish. Anyway, it was cheap (£12) and I couldn’t resist it!

    1. It’s just beautiful Miranda. And what a great price you got on it! I can just imagine how wonderful it would be to use in the woods to cook. I hope it comes back from the re-tinner looking marvelous!

      Are your sweet birds still coming around for worms or has the season ended? So curious and love to hear about the goings on of the garden.

      Have a great weekend!

      1. I was pleased with the price too and have seen similar pots for sale at four or five times the price.

        Yes, the robin is still coming to us every day. He is still moulting and his little head looks like someone has mussed up his feathers, but they should soon grow back. The male blackbird is still visiting too, but haven’t seen the female for a while now. Will try and get some pictures.

        Enjoy your weekend!

    1. The shop is like a fancied up brocante and it’s right next to the hairdresser I go to. I find myself being drawn in every time I get my hair cut since, even if I don’t buy anything, there is nearly always something interesting to think about in there.

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