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Making apple cider vinegar at home

I can’t remember what it was that motivated me to try making vinegar, but there are so many things I’d like to try doing for myself and it was probably just one of those questions that comes to mind from time to time – ‘How do you actually do that?’. Once a question has been asked, it frequently requires an answer, if only to silence it. Anyway, I like knowing how to do things so making my own vinegar would be a worthy project.

vinegar_potThe vinegar pot that Karl gave me

I work for people who have apple trees and they often have more fruit than they can use and don’t want to waste it, so in the autumn I get given a lot of apples. We’ve done various things with them – Karl made some excellent apple wine one year, others were cooked and frozen, some cooked and jarred and one year I made a lot of fruit leather to be snacked on when we remember about it.

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