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Apple leather

I can’t remember now where I came across the idea of fruit leather. It was quite a few years ago for sure and I logged it away for future reference, should I find myself with a large number of apples to deal with. The day came after a customer who is allergic to wasp stings asked for all the apples to removed from her tree and taken away, so we ended up with several compost sacks of them. Some were turned into purée and bottled, I made spicy apple chutney and Karl made some very nice apple wine. All that processing and we still hadn’t used them all, but then I remembered about fruit leather and decided to give it a go.


Looking up what to do, it seemed pretty straight forward so I set to and got peeling. I don’t have pictures of the process, unfortunately, but only of the finished product. Next time I make fruit leather, I’ll take pictures. So, having peeled and cored enough apples to fit into my biggest cooking pot, I cooked them gently until they were puréed as if for apple sauce.

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