About The Entwife’s Garden

mh)200x204I’m Miranda Hodgson – welcome to my new blog:
The Entwife’s Garden – A gardener’s view of the world.

Ents were created by JRR Tolkien in his trilogy The Lord of the Rings. They are large, long-lived tree-like beings, shepherds and protectors of the forests of Middle-earth. Treebeard, the oldest Ent, spoke of the days when the world was young and ‘all was one wood’.


Those were the broad days!’ he said, ‘Time was I could walk and sing all day and hear no more than the echo of my own voice in the hollow hills and the smell of the air! I used to spend a week just breathing’. I have long been enchanted by the idea of a life spent striding through the forest, caring for the trees and protecting them, slowly through the centuries, training, weeding, teaching. To be able to spend a week just breathing, imagine that.

Female Ents, Entwives, don’t appear in the stories, because they had gone off to start gardens elsewhere and the Ents had lost track of them for a long time. No one knows what happened to them and Tolkien hinted that the evil sorcerer Sauron may have killed them. This wasn’t confirmed, though, and I like to think that some of them survived to continue making their gardens.

I chose the name Entwife’s Garden because, in a small way, I like to think that my life is similar to that of an Entwife, going from one garden to another, tending them, watching over the plants and the creatures that interact with them. In the blogs, I’ll point out things that interest me from day to day, not necessarily gardens and wild creatures, just things that catch my attention.