Rollright Stones Novel Structures – or ‘What on earth can we do with all this brash?’

In the making of brash mounds a time can come when you look at the sheer amount of material to be moved and decide that there is simply too much of it and that a new approach could be in order. This has happened in a couple of areas of the woods – in some parts, the brash is so thick that the woods are completely impenetrable.


What to do? You could build a dozen or so mounds but there were some big tree trunks in there and they also needed something doing with them. Some of the larch logs have been stacked to make habitats and sitting places, but larch doesn’t burn well – it spits and the burning of it leaves a tarry residue in chimneys – and nobody seems to want it. Because of this, Karl decided to make something other than a mound shape and instead built around one of the felled conifers to enclose it.

larva-1A conifer being enclosed

I didn’t see it until it was finished and the first thing that came to mind was that it somewhat resembled a larva, possibly that of a Tussock moth (Orgyia antiqua) or the larva of the Bitter-cress Smudge (Eidophasia messingiella ) which both disguise themselves inside woven cocoons.

larva-2The larva – with the dragon’s head visible in the background

larva-tailThe larva’s tail

larva-weaveA close look at the weaving

A nearby corner of the woods was a similar muddle and here Karl built a dragon-like structure, using branches for the core and building up around them. The mane on the dragon’s head was of pine foliage and the rest of its body comprised of larch and ash.


dragon-bodySnaking off between the trees

Elsewhere a nod was given to the tail-eating snake, the Ouroboros.


And another two became curved windbreaks.

steaming-moundThis one, built by some Logs for Labour folk, was steaming in the morning sun


All of these shapes could be used as shelters by many species and even humans, in groups or alone, might choose to sit within their curves.

dragon-tailThe dragon’s tail

In the dewy light of morning and golden light of sunset, they are a beautiful sight to behold.


dragon-2-stephen-1000The dragon’s lair

2 thoughts on “Rollright Stones Novel Structures – or ‘What on earth can we do with all this brash?’

  1. Sort of like building biodegradable menhirs and it’ll be really interesting to see how they change over time.

    1. That’s one of the interesting things about this project and I’m looking forward to seeing how they weather and what species make use of them.

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