Lavashak – Iranian fruit rolls

Lavashak is similar to apple leather but it’s the Iranian version and uses different fruit – plums, sour cherries, apricots or whatever you have a glut of. Some recipes use only one type of fruit, others use a mix. Take your pick. I used plums because someone I know has a couple of plum trees and they weren’t going to use the fruit.


I came across some recipes whilst looking up fruit leather and was intrigued by the pictures of the shiny, dark red lavashak on market stalls, where it was folded into triangles or rolled up like carpets. If it was anywhere near as good as the apple leather, then I wanted to try making some.

I used the same method as I had done with the apple leather, except that the mixture tasted sweet enough that it wasn’t necessary to add honey. Some people sieve the fruit purée and others blend it. I was feeling lazy that day and decided to just remove the stones and blend it, but it would be interesting to see if the flavour changed at all if the skins were sieved out. I suspect they might make it slightly more tart, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it is balanced with the sweetness of the fruit.


The lavashak took much the same time to dry as the apple leather and looked especially beautiful when held up to the light. The bits in it are partly tiny fragments of plum skins and the seeds of a handful of blackcurrants I put in because they needed using and I couldn’t think of anything else to do with such a small amount.

The flavour is sweet, a little sour and very fruity, while the texture has a pleasing chewiness that makes you want to eat more.


From what I’ve read, Iranian people are as serious about lavashak as Koreans are about kimchi and I can fully understand why. I shall be on the look out for cherries and plums again this year.