A couple of new structures at Rollrights

Karl made two more structures for Stephen’s granddaughter – ones that might be enjoyed  by a small, inquisitive child. The idea was also that there would be something that didn’t tower over her and that was small enough for her to appreciate.


The first was a sort of egg made from pine stems wound together to form a rough sphere, which nestles within the curve of the Young Snake. There is a hole in it so that people who wish to do so can look inside. Seen from a distance it is very pleasing.


The other structure is a three-in-one type – there is an open dome of ash stems, just high enough for a not very tall person to stand up in.


Within that is a very simple dome of willow stems bound together at the top with ivy.


Inside the simple ash dome is a curious little structure that looks rather like a fragment of DNA.



It was constructed over a tree stump and, just because, Karl added in an oak twig with an oak apple still attached to it.


2 thoughts on “A couple of new structures at Rollrights

  1. Oh, I like them!

    I leave small piles of twigs and pieces of thicker stems for insects and small creatures to live in. The next ones are going to be a bit more arty.

  2. Go for it, Patsy! They’re very pleasing to make and even nicer to look at.

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